ERM House Style.

ERM House Style: natural stone cladding for houses

ERM House Style is a company that specialises in natural stone cladding for houses, the best solutions for constructing and installing this type of covering.

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Exclusive materials, long experience: this is how quality is born

ERM House Style has been synonymous with quality and a benchmark for stonework for many years. Over time, we have created hundreds of stone claddings for houses that resulted in one-of-a-kind, designer properties.

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Our stone solutions

We deal in natural stone suitable for both exterior and interior wall cladding, useful in both decorative and functional terms, as it can also be applied over external wall insulation.

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Who chooses the ERM House Style experience

Maximum competence and long experience, in addition to the absolute quality of our stone solutions, make ERM House Style the privileged point of reference for all professionals involved in the construction of residential, commercial, professional and public buildings.

  • Construction companies
  • Achitectural firm
  • Landscape designer
  • Engineering office
  • Contractors
  • Designers
  • General Contractor

Get in touch with our technical team to give life to a stone project with high added value .

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